Our team attended training on how to Transition from Waterfall to Agile in a DoD Environment

ALAE Consultants’ team members attended a two-day training session that taught the team concepts and techniques to successfully implement a transition from Waterfall to Agile within a DoD environment. Each section encompassed the most important information to be prepared to put the newly acquired knowledge to use and was followed with hands-on exercises to demonstrate precisely how to implement it. Each of the sections were tailored to include a discussion around best practices for transitioning, and implementation to help participants avoid the pitfalls commonly encountered when making the change to an Agile approach.

Key techniques covered were:

  • Understand the key differences between a waterfall and an Agile approach to software development
  • Identify and eliminate the traditional practices that undermine your project success
  • Learn the 5 measures of Agile enablers then map implementing them to Agile practices to project success
  • Uncover the organizational problems that most companies never discover they have, then learn the Agile techniques that address these deficiencies
  • Discover how transitioning to Agile provides better techniques to manage the value and quality of your project and product development efforts
  • Create a customized, hybrid approach to software development that takes into account your company’s unique challenges and constraints
  • Uncover the pitfalls that teams will encounter in an Agile transition and understand how to overcome those challenges
  • Lay the foundation upon which you can build a learning team and organization