Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Contract

GSA Schedule Information (including Labor Categories and Price List)

Contract Title: GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
Contract Number: 47QRAA18D0092
Special Item Number (SIN): 871 3 – System Design, Engineering, and Integration services
Sponsor: General Services Administration (GSA)
Contract Expiration Date: May 9, 2023

GSA Schedule Information (including Labor Categories and Price List)

Contract Title: General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services
Contract Number: GS-35F-441GA
Special Item Number (SIN): 132-51 – IT Professional Services
Sponsor: General Services Administration (GSA)
Contract Expiration Date: May 11, 2022

Synopsis:  The GSA IT Schedule 70 is a vehicle by which any government agency can order information technology related services.  ALAE offers services in nine (9) different labor categories ranging from administrative support staff to high end technical and management personnel. This schedule allows customers to acquire a full range of IT support services from ALAE under the following SIN and FPDS


ALAE Consultants’ highly skilled resources have continuously supported RAMPOD as the Accountable Property Systems of Record (APSR) for all AF externally carried pods for many years. ALAE Consultants’ dedicated system development and sustainment team leads the way in support of the following functional areas; Systems Sustainment and Maintenance (Operating Systems and Database), Software Maintenance Support, Data Engineering Analysis, Integration and Systems Engineering Support, Configuration Management, Cybersecurity/Risk Management Framework, Quality Assurance, and Financial Statement Audit Readiness/Audit Remediation CFO Financial Reporting.

RAMPOD is comprised of Oracle Databases and Fusion Middleware software products to host and serve 19 custom built web applications supporting Air Force users deployed around the world. Oracle E-Business Suite Financial Suite with the Fixed Assets module is used to record the addition, retirement, status, location and valuation of Air Force assets. Every application hosted within RAMPOD is secured by a centralized authentication and authorization access system which enables multifactor single sign-on through the use of CAC authentication. Since RAMPOD employs a centralized database for distributed application architecture, LDAP authentication for users are stored within a directory service. RAMPOD supports several thousand worldwide end users while maintaining 24/7, 365 uptime availability metrics.

Past Performance

C2ISR ID/IQ A&AS Contract

WR-ALC recently made a single award ID/IQ for C2ISR A&AS support to our prime teaming partner S&K Global Solutions (SKGS). This ID/IQ contract has a base year with four one year options as well as an additional 6 month performance period possible. Under this ID/IQ, we anticipate individual task orders through SKGS to provide a variety of A&AS services to the C2ISR enterprise. The support includes logistics, managerial, financial, configuration / data management, budget analyst, facility / security support, and various other support positions. All of these positions will require applicants to have specialized skills as detailed in the contracts labor category descriptions. In addition to degree and experience requirements, candidates must have a minimum Secret clearance level, with some positions requiring Top Secret clearance levels. Please see our Jobs page to review specific requirements and submit your resume for immediate consideration. Due to the nature of this ID/IQ requirements, we anticipate ongoing staffing needs driven by the customers release of individual task orders to SKGS throughout the basic and option years.


ALAE utilized their existing strategic partnership with S&K Global Solutions (SKGS) to break into the FAA’s market. SKGS was awarded the delivery order under the FAA’s eFAST contract, and they selected ALAE to support key technical aspects. ALAE’s subcontract covers converting the existing 2-tier thick client (Access front end and SQL server back end) system to a 3-tier thin client (Web Browser front end, Web Logic/Java Application Server and Oracle Database, LDAP server back end). This will increase the FAA’s SIESS usability from ~ 5 to 10 concurrent users in the current system to hundreds of concurrent users in the new system. The modernization will also make it much easier to install, maintain and upgrade the SIESS system because the client machines will only need a web browser after the upgrade is completed.

SBIR Subcontract to Ridgetop Group, LLC

ALAE’s founder’s 25+ years of experience supporting the AFMC sustainment enterprise, and has been directly involved in the capture, staffing and execution of over $500M in ID/IQ task order requirements. The expertise gained enabled ALAE to provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) on a wide array of SBIR/STTR focus areas. From August 2012 until June 2016, ALAE actively supported SBIR Topic AF093-208 as a subcontractor to Ridgetop Group, Inc. The focus of this SBIR topic was to develop an Expert Troubleshooting and Repair System (ETRS) using historical repair data to target high ROI bad actor circuit card assemblies (CCA’s). The innovation essentially focused on the analog degradation of digital data, and uses expert analysis combined with fault-tree and causal analysis to provide repair technicians with prioritized steps and probe points. This effort was targeted for bad actor CCA’s and reduced the CND/NFF rates substantially. A successful technology demonstration occurred during December 2013 at WR-ALC in the Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS) System Integration Laboratory (SIL).

In 2014 ALAE was awarded two new subcontracts, by Ridgetop Group, Inc. (RGI), for continuation of key SBIR technology targeted for the USAF’s VDATS platform.

Under the newer subcontract awards, ALAE continued our support of the Expert Troubleshooting Repair System (ETRS) technology as the only subcontractor to RGI. This technology focused on reducing the rate of NFF/CND conditions on high value CCA’s during the depot repair process. During the 24 month period of performance, ALAE will worked closely with RGI and the USAF to select high ROI candidate CCA’s that have historically demonstrated ‘bad actor’ performance with high rates of NFF/CND during the repair process. This technology was applicable, under both SBIR contracts, to both digital and mixed signal (analog) CCA’s. RGI/ALAE performed a demonstration of this technology during Dec 2013 supported by close coordination with our USAF stakeholders. Our team implemented the ETRS technology on multiple CCA’s during the 24 month contract performance.

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