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ALAE has been awarded two new subcontracts, by Ridgetop Group, Inc. (RGI), for continuation of key SBIR technology targeted for the USAF’s VDATS platform.

Under these two subcontract awards, ALAE will continue our support of the Expert Troubleshooting Repair System (ETRS) technology as the only subcontractor to RGI. This technology is focused on reducing the rate of NFF/CND conditions on high value CCA’s during the depot repair process. During the 24 month period of performance, ALAE will work closely with RGI and the USAF to select high ROI candidate CCA’s that have historically demonstrated ‘bad actor’ performance with high rates of NFF/CND during the repair process. This technology is applicable, under the two SBIR contracts, to both digital and mixed signal (analog) CCA’s. RGI/ALAE performed a demonstration of this technology during Dec 2013 supported by close coordination with our USAF stakeholders. Our team will implement the ETRS technology on multiple CCA’s during the 24 month contract performance. If successful, the technology will be offered to users of VDATS throughout DoD.